Ian’s Music Studio is a safe place that welcomes people of all races, religions, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and body types. We respect, celebrate, encourage, and nurture the unique musical and creative possibilities of each individual.

How It Works


Lesson Schedule

Lessons begin the week of September 12-16 and run through December 12-16, take a break for the winter break. resume the week of January 9-13 through March 20-24, take a break for Spring Break and continue April 3-7 through June 12-16. Additional events will be scheduled throughout the year.


What You Need

Piano set up:

  • an electric keyboard or an acoustic piano (if you need help finding one contact me),
  • a smart phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam and microphone, with internet access for online lessons.
  • for students in Winnipeg, I will pick up your music for you and drop it at your home
  • for students further afield, I will send you links to order the music online, send it by mail, or email PDFs
  • I do this because often music publications look similar and have similar titles with slight variations
  • any costs for music will be added to your monthly invoice

Set-Up for Online Lessons

All lessons are online by Zoom.


Before lessons begin I will e-mail you a Zoom link. This link will for lessons all year.


What kind of device should you use?

A tablet or laptop is best. I periodically share my screen to show certain elements of the music and it is helpful to have a screen big enough so students can read the music. In a pinch a phone will work.


Place your device at:

  • either end of the keyboard so the camera will pick up the profile view,
  • about 6 to 9 inches above the keyboard (propping the device on a small table with a few books works well),
  • and at a right angle to the keyboard.
This allows the students to easily talk to me and for me to observe their technique and posture at the piano.


Lessons for Kids


Two payment options

  1. Equal monthly payments: September-June CAD 107.25 monthly
  2. Three payments a year: Sept-Dec CAD 429 in Sept (4 months), Jan-March CAD 321.75 in Jan (3 months), April-June CAD 321.75 in April (3 months)
Lessons for Adults
  • $60/hr


Invoices will be emailed a few days before the end of the month or the beginning of the session. Please pay for the coming month’s lessons via PayPal (link included on the invoice) or Interac e-Transfer to the email address provided to you before the first of the month.

Missed Lessons


Lessons canceled by students will not be reimbursed, but I will make my best effort to reschedule the lesson. Lessons canceled by me will be reimbursed (at the rate of $50/hr) or rescheduled. 

Full Discontinuation of Lessons

Please let me know at the end of June, December, or March if you are planning on discontinuing lessons. Outside of those times, four weeks notice, or payment of the equivalent of four weeks, is required when discontinuing lessons. 

Apply Now

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