Choral Clinics

As a workshop clinician, I hope to meet your ensemble where they are at. Our time together might include:


Digging into Poetry and Language

Often neglected, I think it is extremely important for singers to connect to the meaning and metaphor of the poetry. I can also coach and give strategies for good diction and nuances of prosody in various languages.


Vocal Technique and Tone

I can work through healthy alignment, respiration, and focused tone production presenting a mini-workshop on alignment and breathing and integrating these into work with repertoire. 


Fast Learning

Does your ensemble need to learn some repertoire quickly? I have many tricks and a lot of experience teaching music well and quickly. 



Does your ensemble want to take some repertoire to the next level? With a fresh set of ears, I can help get your repertoire up to the next level. 

Collaborative Piano Workshops

In addition to working with your ensemble, I can help coach a budding collaborative pianist in the ins and outs of accompanying a choir and assisting in a rehearsal situation.

Choral Composition and Arranging

I am also a composer and arranger. Through conducting and arranging for various levels of choir I am able to compose or arrange for any level of singer. I am able to tailor a piece or an arrangment to your ensembles strengths.

Guest Conducting and Adjudicating

Guest conducting and adjudicating both take special skills to discern quickly what will help the ensemble grow. I am able to quickly figure out how to help work through problem spots and push polished reperetoire a little further.