Choral Clinics

Does your community or high school ensemble need a boost or wants to take a few pieces to the next level. I would love to work with your choir for one or several sessions. 

In a clinic, I think it’s important to meet the ensemble where they are at and to get feedback before the clinic as to what the conductor wants to work on. 

Here are some areas where I can help:

  • Communication, helping choirs to communicate with audiences by digging into the poetry, polishing diction, and helping guide an ensemble through the rhetoric (how composers use abstract musical elements to create meaning) of the music.
  • Vocal Technique, healthy alignment, respiration, and a focused tone production are critical to expressing the music and feeling good while you are doing it. Its key to fold great vocal technique into your repertoire.

Guest Conducting

I would love to work with your regional or honour choir. These ensembles are always special places where people who love making music come together. My goal in Guest Conducting is to connect with the ensemble, bring them to a high performance leval, and instruct them in what I value in music making – story telling, brilliant diction, healthy vocal technique, and connecting with audiences.


Adjudicating takes a special skill set to connect with an ensemble quickly and help them with constructive written comments and a short workshop. My goal in adjudicating is to help an ensemble grow and make the experience profitable for the ensemble and the director.