Toccata for Six Players

Pierot ensemble with percussion

flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, marimba

6'30"  |  2017


First performance

fresh inc festival

June 17, 2017. Nichols Concert Hall, Music Institute of Chicago, Evanston, USA.  

Program Notes

There is music in language, in poetry, in arguments, and in Facebook posts. There is articulation in consonants and melody in vowels. Toccata for Six Voices plays with the two and three syllable rhythms that are inherent in English. Read that sentence again.  Toc-ca-ta for six Voic-es plays with the two and three syl-lable rhy-thms that are in-her-ent in Eng-lish. The piano presents a series of two and three note musical cells that develop into lyrical melodies and combative chords.