Partimenti & Piano Lessons

Learning partimenti is a fascinating trip into how the composers whos music we perform today though about music. It is also so much fun to improvise and composer your own music. Learning partimenti you will understand musical repertoire more fully.


There are four areas to work on in Partimenti and Piano Lessons

  1. reperetoire – focusing on the 17th through 19th century (but with a little of everything thrown in too)

  2. technique – scales, chords, arpeggios

  3. counterpoint – written counterpoint based on partimenti basses

  4. partimenti basses – learn the Rule of the Octave, Cadences, Modulation and Sequences from Giovanni Furno (1748–1837), Giacomo Insanguine(1728–1795), and Fedele Fenaroli(1732–1818)


Adult and students over the age of 10 with RCM Grade 3 or higher and a sense of curiosity are ready to start learning partimenti.