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Partimento for Pianists

A study for pianists of keyboard improvisation, composition, music theory, and keyboard and aural skills. This 12-week course offered through the University of Manitoba, Desautels Faculty of Music, Prep. Studies.


Students will learn the essential skills of keyboard improvisation culminating in a recital of in December of improvised Figuration Preludes and Minuets. 


What are "partimento"? 


Partimento are bass lines that were used for generations by musicians who were students at the Neapolitan Conservatories. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, musicians from the Neapolitan Conservatories were teaching and performing in every corner of Europe. Partimento have been called "the most effective [musical] teaching tools ever devised. 


The reason today we do not know about partimento tradition was an oral tradition passed from teacher to student with only the bass line being written down.  Recently scholars have been resurrecting this oral tradition and by participating in "Partimento for Pianists" you will be part of the resurrection of this ancient tradition.